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Louis McCarthy


Drug smuggler
Incarcerated, drug smuggling
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Louis McCarthy (born 1948) was a drug smuggler who was so inconspicuous in his methods that no one knew exactly how he was getting his cargo into Miami. He was also fiercely competitive, particularly when it came to the annual Miami to Bimini boat race he organized.

McCarthy was finally busted when Crockett and Tubbs took part in his boat race, discovering that it was an elaborate cover for his smuggling operations.


McCarthy was a man of considerable wealth, frequently throwing large parties at his bayfront mansion, his guests consisting of many of Miami's social elite (and Izzy). He also owned the exclusive men's clothing store run by his girlfriend Vanessa, having bought it for her as a gift. He was fiercely competitive, relishing the opportunity to take part in everything from high-stakes pool games to the $25,000 ante, winner-take-all Bimini-and-back boat race he arranged annually (although he maintained that he was a "businessman" rather than a sportsman).

When OCB began an investigation into McCarthy, they immediately attempted to gain access to him through his boat race. However, when Tubbs (as Richard Taylor) approached him to gain a spot in the race, McCarthy refused, bluntly telling him it was "a closed race". More direct advances made by Crockett (as Sonny Burnett) attempting to purchase drugs from McCarthy were also turned down because, as McCarthy put it himself, "I don't know you." Despite his refusal to do business with the undercover Vice cops, he was happy to welcome them to one of the extravagant parties at his home. At the party, Crockett challenged McCarthy to a high-stakes game of pool -- should he lose, McCarthy gets his Ferrari Daytona, but if he wings, he gets a place in McCarthy's race. Crockett won, and a spot in the great race was his prize.

During the race, Crockett, Tubbs and Zito finally discovered how McCarthy was bringing his drugs into Miami -- a fake boat and crew make the outbound run to Bimini, but once there an identical boat, piloted by McCarthy and carrying the drugs, discretely takes over for the return leg. McCarthy lost the race to Crockett and his crew, and upon returning to the marina, was arrested by [[Martin "Marty" Castillo|Castillo] and a force of Metro-Dade officers.