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Louis Martinez


Amateur drug smuggler
Played By

Louis Martinez (born 1966) was a teenager from New York City who, along with his friend Eddie Rivers, became involved in smuggling drugs into Florida for Diego Moya. However, they were caught by Crockett and Tubbs and forced to help bring down the dealer.

When Diego Moya was killed in the resulting OCB sting, the Vice cops tried to get Louis and Eddie back to New York safely; although Louis made it, Eddie was killed by Diego's vengeful brother Pepe Moya at Miami International Airport.


One-time score

Louis and his friend Eddie Rivers dreamed of opening up a club in New York with money earned from a "one-time score" -- smuggling drugs into Miami for dealer Diego Moya, selling him the package and making off with $25,000 profit. At Miami International Airport, the pair bought Eddie a return ticket to Bogota so that he could collect the drugs, but unknown to them the Vice squad were staking out the departures lounge on a tip that some smugglers would be passing through. When Louis and Eddie paid for the ticket in cash, the check-in clerk, Denise, alerted Crockett and Tubbs, who caught up with them in an airport diner and tried to scare them out of their plan by telling them horror stories about what the policia in Colombia do to drug smugglers. However, Louis dumped the table on the Vice cops and the two kids managed to flee.

Deal with OCB

Despite Eddie's reservations now that the police were involved, Louis convinced him to go through with the plan, and Eddie later caught a flight to Bogota to collect the drugs from dealer the Moyas' cousin. However, upon returning to Miami, Eddie was caught by Crockett and quickly gave up Louis, who was also arrested. With little alternative, the two friends agreed to take part in a sting operation to bring down the Moyas.

The deal with Diego Moya turned out to be a rip-off, and when the dealer pulled a gun he was shot dead by the watching Metro-Dade SRT team. Knowing Diego's brother Pepe Moya would seek revenge, Castillo had Crockett and Tubbs take Louis and Eddie to the airport so that they could fly straight home to New York. However, Pepe ambushed them there, shooting Eddie dead before himself being killed by Tubbs. In the aftermath, a devastated Crockett sent Louis back to New York alone.