Linus Oliver

Linus Oliver
Calderone cartel (formerly)
Nightclub owner and drug dealer
Deceased, killed by Ludovici Armstrong
Played By

Linus Oliver (1952-1984) was a nightclub owner and drug dealer and former associate of Esteban Calderone.

Oliver was one of the names on Calderone's hit list ahead of his prospective return to Miami; despite attempts by the Metro-Dade Police Department to protect him, he was killed by assassin Ludovici Armstrong.


Oliver originally worked with Carlos Mendez, an associate of drug lord Esteban Calderone, before parting ways and going into business for himself. When Crockett and Tubbs learned of Calderone's hit list, they approached Oliver to inform him that his name was on it, offering him protection in return for his assistance in catching the man carrying out the hits. While Oliver (somewhat reluctantly) agreed and helped the Vice cops arrest the Mendez, he was subsequently killed by the real assassin -- Ludovici Armstrong -- in front of his apartment, making him the seventh of eight victims on Calderone's list.
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