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Linda Colby


DEA Agent
Wife of Chuck Colby
Mother of Brian Colby
Incarcerated, Consipracy
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Linda Colby was a DEA agent and friend of James "Sonny" Crockett. She married fellow agent Chuck Colby and has a son, Brian Colby. Chuck was on duty when an unnamed suspect shot him, leaving him a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair, ending his DEA career. Later, her son Brian developed a kidney condition that would end up requiring a transplant. While Chuck kept a positive attitude, despite his and Brian's conditions, their mounting medical expenses, and Chuck's insisting to Linda for "no quick fixes", Linda was very concerned, and went "rogue" to get the money needed for Brian's treatments and a potential transplant, teaming with drug dealer Esteban Montoya and a group of men dressed as DEA agents to undertake false raids to confiscate drug money, part of which was given to Montoya, part to Linda. When the group of rogue DEA agents raided a deal Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs were involved in, resulting in their buy money being taken, the DEA declared a gag order, so Crockett visited the Colbys trying to get information from them, but Chuck saw through Crockett's intentions (Crockett not having seen Chuck in two years) and requested his old friend leave, but Linda continued to work both with Metro-Dade and Montoya. She tried to get out after a raid that went wrong, resulting in one death, but Montoya would not allow it, and pressured her to get information on Sonny Burnett, which meant Crockett's cover was blown, and Montoya set up a meet with Crockett and Tubbs at Calle Ocho. During the meet Linda pulls her gun and orders Montoya to freeze, the dealer wounds Linda before he is arrested, and his goons are killed. Linda is arrested for her part in the fake raids and money thefts. After Linda's arrest, Chuck then assumed care of their son, but his fate was never revealed.