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Lile(1953-1985) was an employee of call girl pimp David Traynor, responsible for securing "new talent" for Traynor's stable. Lile noticed Diane Gordon walking on the beach alone and took her to lunch, bought her clothes, and introduced her to Traynor, who brought her into his stable of call girls. Lile spent his days buying a new wardrobe for Diane, helping her get drugs, etc., but he also handled problems within the organization. When another hooker refused to service a client, she was killed and dumped into a river, allegedly by Lile. When Diane decided to go back to New York, Lile was sent to the rehab center Diane was staying to "take care of her" by injecting her with a fatal overdose of cocaine. After Diane's death, a vengeful Valerie Gordon, Diane's sister and NYPD Detective, hit Traynor's apartment, wounding Lile while looking for Traynor, but before Lile can rise up and kill Valerie, Metro-Dade Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs shoot Lile down.