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Life Is a Rat Race
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Phil Collins
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Switek plays Rat Race and over end credits
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"Life Is a Rat Race" is a song by Phil Collins, recorded exclusively for Miami Vice in 1985. It appeared in the Miami Vice episode "Phil the Shill".


  • "Life Is a Rat Race" is a reworking of the song "The Man with the Horn," a rare B-side from Collins' hit single "One More Night" (recorded during the No Jacket Required sessions), reworked specifically as a tune for this episode. Other than its use in the show, the song has not appeared on any album or as a single, making it one of the few Miami Vice songs never to see a release in any form outside of the episode in which it was used.
  • The song is played over the closing credits of the episode, one of only three times in the series a song other than the "Miami Vice Theme" plays over the credits -- the others .