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Lewis Woods


Son of Congresswoman Madelyn Woods
Incarcerated, Drug Trafficking
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Lewis Woods is the son of Congresswoman Madelyn Woods, a young man who has lived his life with a silver spoon in his mouth, given expensive cars, a luxury lifestyle which includes multiple parties, and has become spoiled over it but is unhappy about his mother's lack of attention to him, and turned to dealing drugs with his friend Ricky DeMaria to get attention. Unfortunately, their dealings were exposed by Metro-Dade police, and he and DeMaria barely escaped with a load of drugs belonging to Sebastian Ross, who went looking for the boys to recover his property. DeMaria was TASERed into disclosing where Lewis was (and was also killed for taking Ross' drugs) and Lewis was found with his mother, who then concocted a scheme to protect Lewis by setting up Martin "Marty" Castillo with a fake tape showing him setting up a drug deal to get Castillo to back off of Lewis. After Castillo was shot, James "Sonny" Crockett brought Lewis in for grilling, demanding Lewis help them or he will be sent to Death Row if Castillo died from his injuries. Lewis' cocky attitude came out (which he used until threatened, after which he grew soft and ran to his mother) saying "my mom will eat you for dogmeat and get me out of this", but Woods did not, and instead wore a wire to implicate Ross and help to get Lewis' charges reduced.