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Lester Kosko (born 1955) was an officer with the Metro-Dade Police Department who specialized in electronics, including surveillance, covert listening devices and alarm systems. In 1984, he was temporarily assigned to the Organized Crime Bureau to help with the unit's surveillance needs.


Among the OCB cases Kosko was involved in was the stolen goods sting operation run by Switek and Zito in Broward, for which Kosko installed the electronic equipment. He also cleaned up the tape recorded by Detective Jake Esteban when he was shot, wired Vincent DeMarco in an attempt to get incriminating evidence against Al Lombard, bugged Tony Amato's house and rigged up sophisticated surveillance aboard the St. Vitus Dance, and captured General Lao Li's death order on his grandsons using an electronic long-range microphone and tape recorder.

Following these events, Kosko was reassigned back to Metro from OCB and electronic surveillance duties were taken over by Switek and Zito.


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