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Leona Proverb


Wife of Rev. Bill Bob Proverb
Singing in her husband's ministry raising money to rebuild
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Leona Proverb is the wife of the Rev. Bill Bob Proverb, who often performs spiritual singing during his television programs. Known as "The Angel of the Airwaves", she has also battled a drug addiction problem (caused by what she claims is "the devil") which has resulted in three previous busts, all paid off by Rev. Proverb's church. Leona was sent to rehab and to another country to "have her blood exchanged" to stop her addiction, but all in vain, as she was busted again by Metro-Dade Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs for buying "sale weight" of drugs (then trying to run Tubbs and James "Sonny" Crockett over with her car), a felony, that the DA will not drop, despite Leona's "act" about the devil being in her body causing her to buy the drugs. Rev. Proverb verbally attacked the Organized Crime Bureau on his program, even launching the "Angel of the Airwaves" defense fund to take care of the legal expenses, then after Tubbs was (falsely) accused of attempting to rape Faye Nell Portis (one of her husband's "angels"), Leona took the to the air and claimed (again falsely) Tubbs tried to rape her too, angering the detective. Later when Rev. Proverb's ministry (and TV studio) was destroyed by lightning willed upon him by his rival, Mason Mather (with a little help from a mutual technician, Carl Becker), Leona (out on bail but prosecution pending for her drug bust) sang to bring in donations for the ministry, which were piling in over $100,000 at last report...