Leon Jefferson

Leon Jefferson
Calderone cartel
Deceased, assassinated by Trini DeSoto
Played By

Leon Mohammad Jefferson (1960-1984) was a dealer working for drug lord Esteban Calderone. He was arrested as part of Detective James "Sonny" Crockett's investigation into his boss, and Crockett attempted to turn him as an informant.

Unfortunately for Jefferson, news of his betrayal leaked, and he was executed by Trini DeSoto before he could talk.


After the assassination of his original connect Corky Fowler (and his partner Eddie Rivera), Crockett confronted Leon, hoping to arrange a new deal and continue his pursuit of Leon's boss Esteban Calderone, known to his as simply "The Colombian". Leon established a new deal, but Crockett discovered to his dismay that the other participants were Scottie Wheeler, a friend and agent with the DEA, and Tubbs, then an NYPD officer in Miami to pursue The Colombian.

Despite the failure of the deal, Leon was arrested. Taken to court, the presiding judge Clarence P. Rupp released him on his own recognizance for "agreeing to cooperate with the State's Attorney", a claim Leon vociferously denied; in fact, Crockett had arranged the deal, hoping to pressure Leon into turning to the police for help. His ploy worked and Leon contacted the Organized Crime Bureau, fearing for his life and prepared to offer information in return for protection. However, before Crockett could meet with him at Miami beach, he was assassinated by Trini DeSoto.


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