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Leo Krebbs


Founder, Krebbs Foundation
Nazi Prison Camp Survivor
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Dr. Leo Krebbs is the founder of the Krebbs Foundation, who captures and deports Nazi war criminals. In 1989 Krebbs was working to locate and extradite Hans Kozak, one of the senior officers at a Nazi death camp, who Krebbs thought was responsible for the deaths of three witnesses to Kozak's misdeeds in Miami, and there are two others; Jacob Hoffman and Krebbs himself, and he plans to make a speech locally about the Holocaust, despite threats from the Neo-Nazi group The Patriot Brigade, led by John Baker. Krebbs makes his speech, then the Brigade arrives, chanting white supremacist propaganda, then Baker arrives, challenges Krebbs, then a brawl ensued. Later Krebbs was approached by the killer, Helen Jackson, daughter of Kozak, who failed to kill Krebbs, and he continues his work to bring Nazi war criminals to justice.