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Leo Cryson


Drug Wholesaler
Incarcerated, drug distribution of pharmaceutical-grade cocaine
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Leo Cryson was a mob boss and a drug wholesaler who got his hand on some 100% pure pharmaceutical cocaine from a chemist at Gold Coast University who had gotten behind on gambling debts, and paid the drugs as interest on his debt. To earn his money on the cocaine, he brought in Silk, a pimp to sell the drugs, which would be picked up at a bus station by one of his girls, Roxanne Young. But Young gave a sample to another Silk stable-member, Carla Cappoletti, through her "boyfriend", Metro-Dade Overtown Vice Detective Vic Romano, which cost Roxanne her life, and her key to the locker containing the drugs was in the hands of the police, so Leo ordered Silk to bail Carla out and get the cocaine, but Carla was released by "Butch" (Tubbs) and Silk arranged for a hit on them with Leo while he went after James "Sonny" Crockett, but Leo was busted and the location of Silk's meet was revealed so Carla and Tubbs would be saved.