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Leader of the Zobops
Deceased, Shot dead by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
Episode Appeared In
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Maximillian LeFonse Legba (a.k.a. Legba) was the leader of the Haitian gang The Zobops, a group of people who thought they were voodoo gods, but then robbed people for nothing. Legba and Sylvio Romulus led the gang, and Marie Sanserico was his girlfriend. His gang members included Baron Samedi, Ogu, and others. Legba returned to Haiti after James "Sonny" Crockett tried for 3 1/2 years to build a case against him, and allegedly died and his body returned to Miami. But Legba used a toxin called Tetrodotoxin to simulate death, and during a "funeral" for him his body was gone and a voodoo mask left in his coffin. Later a breathing hose was found to prove Legba was still alive, and he returned to Miami to get his money back from Romulus and his launderer, Bobby Profile. When he failed, he had both Romulus (with a pick-axe) and Profile (with a bomb) killed by his reunited Zobops gang, and kidnapped Marie. When Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs tried to find Maria at a voodoo ceremony, Legba's men capture him and Legba injected Tubbs with the same toxin he used on himself, and killed Maria. After Tubbs recovers, he finds Legba on the Haitian freighter Blackhawk, planning on returning to his native land, but Tubbs shoots Legba down, killing him, and found Marie safe, also injected with the toxin instead of being killed.

Legba "Dead"