Laura Gretsky

Laura Gretsky
Former KGB Agent
Wife of CIA agent Jack Gretsky
Mother of Marty Gretsky
Living in parts unknown with her son
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Laura Gretsky is a former KGB agent, working in Russia. In the mid 1970s she met CIA agent Jack Gretsky, working there for intelligence. They fell in love and married, later having a son, Marty (named for Gretsky's long-time friend Martin "Marty" Castillo). Later Jack got his wife and son out of Russia and brought them to Miami in the home of a mutual friend, Erendira, where they waited for Jack. Instead, Castillo met them to send them to an unspecified location for safety, but KGB agents led by an American traitor, Surf, were looking for them too. Laura later concluded Castillo killed Jack (though in self-defense) and while Castillo was telling Marty stories about the samurais and shoguns of Asia, Laura stabbed Castillo with a knife, wounding him, and her and Marty ran into Surf. Laura shoots Surf in the shoulder and runs off with Marty. Castillo, though bleeding, managed to kill both of the Russian KGB agents working with Surf, and James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs disable Surf with gunfire, allowing for Laura and Marty to escape, and Castillo to return the money Jack Gretsky stole to the DEA.

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