Larry Pine

Larry Pine
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Miami Vice Character
March 3, 1945, Tuscon, Arizona

Larry Pine (born March 3, 1945, Tucson, Arizona) appeared as gubernatorial candidate Tom Pierce in the episode "Vote of Confidence" of the series Miami Vice.

Selected Filmography

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1978 Hullabaloo over George and Bonnie's Pictures (TV movie) First TV appearance
1982 I, The Jury First movie appearance
Hanky Panky (TV series) Jay O. Sanders
James Tolkan
1988 Plain Clothes Suzy Amis
Harry Shearer
1988-1992 One Live to Live (TV soap opera)
1989 The Dream Team James Remar
Brad Sullivan
1995 Dead Man Walking R. Lee Ermey
1996 Before and After Liam Neeson
Alfred Molina
1998 New York Undercover (TV series) Ned Eisenberg
1997-99 All My Children (TV Soap Opera)
1999 Suits Tony Hendra
2001 The Royal Tennenbaums Ben Stiller
2002 Maid in Manhattan Stanley Tucci
1999-2003 Oz (TV series, eight episodes) Terry Kinney
Rita Moreno
2004 Law and Order: Criminal Intent (TV series) Vincent D'Onofrio
2006 Law and Order: SVU (TV series) Richard Belzer
2008 Canterbury's Law (TV series)
2012 Broadway's Best Thomas G. Waites
2012 Moonrise Kingdom Bruce Willis
Bob Balaban
2013 Jimmy P Benicio del Toro
2013-17 House of Cards Maryann Plunkett
2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel Balaban
2014 Madam Secretary (TV Series) Tony Plana
2015 Chicago Med (TV Series) Oliver Platt
2018 Succession (TV Series) Peter Friedman
Eric Bogosian
2018 An Actor Prepares
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