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Lao Li Grandsons


Grandsons of General Lao Li
Drug Dealers
Incarcerated, drug distribution
Played By

General Lao Li's Grandsons were two young Asian kids who prefer to be flashy and cocky, which ruffles the feathers of their grandfather, General Lao Li, who is more stealth about his dealings. In 1985, when the General moved his "commodities" operations to Miami, his family--including his two grandsons--went with him, they continued their flashiness, driving in a Lamborghini sportscar with an Asian-sounding horn. Despite Dale Menton's and their grandfather's pleas not to do anything to violate the law and risk the wrath of Lao Li's old DEA enemy Martin "Marty" Castillo, now a Detective Lieutenant for Metro-Dade Law Enforcement, the grandsons try to start their own drug empire by selling drugs through a local dealer, Howie Wong, but Castillo's men got to Wong first, and when the grandsons try to complete their deal, the Vice cops raid the restaurant where Wong worked, and everyone was arrested, including the grandsons. When Lao Li got word of the arrest, he bailed his grandsons out and took them to a warehouse to find out what happened. During their interrogation, while one of the grandsons tried to assure him of their silence, the other became defiant, demanding to know why their generation can't make a dynasty like their grandfather, after which Lao Li ordered his grandsons killed for "breaking their filial obligations to him". Before the killing could take place, the Vice cops raided the warehouse and arrested everyone, including Lao Li.