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Lani Mueller


"Trust Fund Baby"
Sister of Skip Mueller
Fiancee of Jackson Crane
Incarcerated, Conspiracy
Episode Appeared In
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Lani Mueller is the sister of "pirate" Skip Mueller. She, like Skip, is a "trust fund baby", poised to inherit $13 million on her 22nd birthday. She also likes risk-taking men, as she was engaged to smuggler Jackson Crane, who was aware of her trust fund and lied about his background (fighting Contras in Argentina). When Jackson made a deal to send firearms to Central America with Sonny Burnett and Rico Cooper and set up transportation through Skip and his "pirates", Skip made it clear that "Burnett and Cooper" wouldn't make it to the end of the deal, and tried to back out of it, but Lani pulled a gun on her fiancee and forced all onto a plane to the Mueller house, where a gunfight ensues, Lani tries to shoot Crockett and Tubbs but Jackson stops her, and she is arrested.