King Britt


Miami Vice Performer
Miami Vice Composer
Miami Vice film
1968, Philadelphia

King Britt (born 1968 in Philadelphia) is an American musician and DJ whose song "New World in My View" was featured in the Miami Vice film. He also composed background music for the film, along with Klaus Badelt and John Murphy. King Britt is his actual legal name, as opposed to merely a stage name.


Britt started work as an import buyer at Tower Records in Philadelphia in 1987 where his extensive knowledge of dance music saw him in demand. After several years he began DJing at local clubs, and around this time began releasing his first commercial work, although his first full-length album, When The Funk Hits The Fan, would not be released until 1998. This was followed by Re-Members Only, Adventures In Lo-Fi, King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan (featuring "New World in My View"), The Nova Dream Sequence, Cosmic Lounge and The Intricate Beauty. While his music has been well received by the dance and techno community, it has achieved little wider commercial success outside of nightclubs.

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