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Kevin Mulhern


College Football Quarterback
Son of Mac Mulhern
As of 1989, playing football and attending GA meetings
Episode Appeared In
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Kevin Mulhern is the son of longtime Switek friend Mac Mulhern. Kevin has become a star quarterback for his local college, and is attracting a ton of professional scouts, and has hired an agent, Jerome Horowitz, to help with the transition to the pros. However, Kevin has an addiction to gambling, and Horowitz would take him to the casinos to feed his addiction, eventually racking up over $200,000 in debts (based on his potential professional earnings) and is called on them by mobster Marvin Goodman, who wants Kevin to throw his playoff game in exchange for having his and Switek's gambling debts forgiven--or else Mac, Switek, and himself would be killed. Kevin starts out following the gameplan, leading to his being benched for the second half, but then Goodman is killed by Metro-Dade police and then Kevin returns to lead his team to victory, afterwards Kevin attends Gamblers' Anonymous (GA) meetings to help him with his addiction.