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Kevin Cates


DEA Agent
Deceased, killed by gunshot from James "Sonny" Crockett in 1986
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Agent Kevin Cates is an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration working on the Maroto and Fuente case. He has been a DEA agent since 1968, numerous commendations, twice wounded, and four busted marriages. In 1984, he was present on Fuente's yacht (part of his undercover assignment), when Maroto took the money ($3 million), then was later arrested. When Maroto called the arresting officer, James "Sonny" Crockett to prison, later killing himself, Cates set up Crockett to look like he took the money, and volunteered to Metro-Dade IAD the information about Crockett. Cates later came in to OCB to facilitate a meeting between Crockett, Tubbs, and Reuben Reydolfo, Fuente's right-hand man, for a drug deal, later when Crockett's cover is blown and the money info came out, Cates appeared to be working with Crockett to get the dope and Fuente together, but Cates (who was wired) removed his wire, killed Reydolfo, and then tried to kill Crockett while the $3 million (stored in a duffel bag) was flying out of Crockett's boat. During the struggle, a gunshot was fired, mortally wounding Cates, who told Crockett before he died that Fuente would still come after him for the money. It is not known if Fuente ever did.

Report on Cates and Fuente