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Guard in Bolton Prison
Incarcerated, Drug Dealing
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Keller is a guard in Bolton Prison near Miami, working with the watch commander, Fox, and the leader of the Aryan Sons gang, Hammer, on a deal that they lean on inmates who are drug dealers to get contraband into the prison so the Aryans can sell the drugs and the guards get most of the money from them. In 1986, Tubbs, a Vice detective, was brought into the prison to "break the chain", and Keller offered to stop the constant harassment and beatings from the Aryans in exchange for cocaine. Tubbs refused, saying he could make the guards lots of money working with him. Keller brings Tubbs in to see Fox and they arrange for Keller to pick up the drugs, and he sets Tubbs up in Administrative Segregation ("Walk-Alones"). Keller goes to a meet with Sonny Burnett to arrange for the drugs, but is busted due to Tubbs' cover being blown, and Keller feigns working for the police to get Martin "Marty" Castillo into prison to get Tubbs out. But Keller leaves Castillo alone, later grabs a rifle intent on killing both Castillo and Tubbs, but Tubbs jumps Keller and beats him mercilessly, then is sent to jail for his part in the Bolton conspiracy.