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Katherine Borowitz


Miami Vice Character
John Turturro (1985-present), 2 children

Katherine Borowitz is an American actress who made her TV debut in the show Miami Vice as Rita Amato, the abused wife of gun runner Tony Amato (played by Bruce Willis) in the episode "No Exit".

Early Life/Career

Borowitz was born in Chicago, IL. She began her acting career in the film The World According To Garp (with Amanda Plummer), then appeared in Harry & Son. Borowitz appeared in several TV series, including the miniseries Evergreen (with Brian Dennehy), Hothouse, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU (with Richard Belzer), and Amazing Stories. In the movies she appeared in Baby Boom, Internal Affairs (with Xander Berkeley), Men of Respect (with John Turturro, Dennis Farina, and Stanley Tucci), Quiz Show (with Tuturro, Bill Cwikowski, and Paul Guilfoyle), Somewhere Tonight and Fading Gigolo (both with Turturro), and her most recent movie appearance, 2014's Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. She still appears in shows billed under her married name of Katherine Tuturro as well as her maiden name Borowitz.

Personal Life

Borowitz married John Turturro in 1985 and has two children: Amedeo Turturro (b. 1990) and Diego (b. 2000). She is the sister-in-law of Nicholas Tuturro.