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Chief Jumper


Tribal Chief of the Miccosukee Reservation
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Chief Jumper is Tribal Chief of the Miccosukee Reservation, leading his people and running the day-to-day operations of the tribe. Showing more progressive attitudes than his predecessors, Jumper relaxed many of the long-time customs to allow for modern conveniences such as clinics and bingo halls. Jumper, faced with government cutbacks in support of the reservations, made a deal with the drug dealer Levec (unknown to the council or the people) for money to finance the building of the clinic and other improvements--provided he prevents interference in Levec's operations. Jumper's son, Joe Dan, is a former LRRP, still believes in the old customs, and is angered about his father "selling out" to drug dealers, so he began commando operations with other LRRPs on the reservation and stopped Levec's drug shipments, then confronted his father at tribal council about the source of the clinic money. When the Chief refused to discuss his reasons for doing this, Joe Dan kidnapped his father while he and his commandos killed Levec and his men, and while the Chief watched, jumped to his death out of his penthouse window.