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Juan Carlos Silva


Drug Dealer
Presumed killed by Rosella Maestres
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Juan Carlos Silva was a drug dealer in Miami. He is a very competitive person, competing in dogfights, cars, women, and for boats, outbidding James "Sonny" Crockett for a luxury yacht at an auction. Silva has had several people close to him die in mysterious ways; OCB thought it was an "internal purge", but actually was Silva himself killing off his people: Enriclo Alcaide (carbomb), Roberto Penaro (boatbomb), Ivory Jones (unknown fashion), but it turned out that they all had a common demoninator: Rosella Maestres, whom they all were close to (especially Alcaide, who was her fiance) and Silva eliminated everyone who was close to her because Rosella was his daughter, and Silva's big secret was he was having an long-term incestous relationship with Rosella, which made Rosella turn to doing anything to get away, even turning tricks for Jones. Eventually Silva was presumed killed by Rosella, who pointed a gun at him on his yacht and said "Goodbye, Daddy!".