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José Yero


Lieutenant for Montoya Cartel

Member of A.U.C

Deceased, shot by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
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José Yero was a Columbian cocaine trafficker and Lieutenant in Montoya cartel and right-hand man to Montoya himself. Yero runs a casino and owns couple of night clubs all around south american countires. Given the reclusive nature of the cartel's leader, Yero was often mistaken for the head of the organisation by outsiders, which is how Crockett and Tubbs viewed him when they first met with him as part of their operation to take down an Aryan Brotherhood gang that also worked for him. Following their uneasy meeting, Crockett and Tubbs entered into employment with Montoya's cartel, and Yero acted as their contact throughout. Yero's relationship with Crockett in particular was very antagonistic, and he never failed to question Crockett's reliability at every stage. Eventually, he learned of Crockett's relationship with Montoya's mistress, Isabella, whom he secretly coveted for himself. Overcome with jealousy, he ordered the Aryans to kill Crockett and Tubbs as they delivered their latest shipment, but the plan went awry and the Vice team made off with the drugs. Montoya demanded an explanation, and Yero convinced him it was Crockett and Tubbs who were attempting to double cross them, showing evidence of Crockett and Isabella's affair as evidence. Montoya ordered him to get the shipment back, and gave Isabella to him as punishment for her unfaithfulness, a point he did not fail to mention to Crockett. Yero subsequently organised a meeting with the Vice team, but before the merchandise could be exchanged a gunfight broke out. Seeing that his Aryan Brotherhood allies were not going to win the shootout, Yero attempted to flee, but Tubbs chased him down and killed him before he could escape.