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Jorge Cruz


Patriarch and Don of the Cruz Crime Family
Incarcerated for murder of Ernesto Lupe
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Jorge Cruz was the don and patriarch of the Cruz crime family, the husband of Maria Lupe Cruz, and father of Francesco, who works the import/export business, and Felipe, a Wall Street banker. Jorge has long been under observation by various law enforcement, including FBI, ATF, and others, but has managed to evade arrest. Cruz is also friends with fellow Don Frank Garcia, and their sons Louie and Felipe were long time friends who became lovers, much to Jorge's anger, but he kept his feelings hidden. In 1987, Felipe suddenly returned to Miami and his return sparked speculation that he was to take over Jorge's businesses, but the real purpose of Felipe's return was to speak with his uncle Ernesto Lupe, priest and overseer of his AIDS hospice, about Louie, who also arrived in Miami because he is dying of AIDS, and Felipe wanted to see Louie before he died, and also speak with Ernesto about Louie. But Jorge, convinced Felipe's interactions with Ernesto are the reason his youngest son turned gay, killed Ernesto by gunshot, and his open confession to the killing in front of his family (and Metro-Dade OCB, who was surveilling at the time) caused Maria to shoot Jorge twice in the shoulder before being stopped, and Jorge was arrested for Ernesto's murder.