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Charles Jones


Detective Lieutenant, Metro-Dade Homicide Division
Deceased, shot by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs after blowing up trailer Trudy Joplin was tied up in
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Charles Jones was a Detective Lieutenant in the Metro-Dade Police Department, Homicide Division, but was also working with Wavey Davey and others, using police files, to extort payments from smugglers currently under investigation by law enforcement, then blowing up their homes (with "family bait"; i.e. wife, child, etc. tied up inside) if they failed, or sometimes if they succeeded. Jones and Wavey Davey arranged to trap Trudy & Tubbs after Tubbs & Crockett went to Cartagena to make a cocaine buy, but Tubbs jumped into the boat after dumping the money bag, then shot & killed Jones when he blew up the trailer Trudy was in, after Crockett & bomb expert Sam got her out.