John Toles-Bey

John Toles-Bey
Miami Vice Character

John Toles-Bey appeared as drug dealer Billy Swain in the episode "Too Much, Too Late" of the series Miami Vice.

Selected Filmography

Year Film Notes MV Actors Appeared
1986 Sledge Hammer! (TV series) First TV appearance David Rasche
1987 Weeds First movie appearance
1988 Midnight Run Dennis Farina
Jack Kehoe
Philip Baker Hall
1990 Cadence Laurence Fishburne
1991 A Rage In Harlem Ron Taylor
Samm-Art Williams
1992 Leap Of Faith Liam Neeson
Meat Loaf
2001 K-PAX Most recent movie appearance David Patrick Kelly
2007 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series) Most recent TV appearance Paul Guilfoyle
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