John Malone

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John Malone
Metro-Dade Detective Lieutenant, Robbery Division
Retired as of 1985
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John Malone (born 1938) is a retired Detective Lieutenant in the Metro-Dade Robbery Division. He was the first superior of and mentor to James "Sonny" Crockett, who helped bring him up through Robbery, teaching him in proper investigation and procedure, and when to "take your gun out of your holster". Malone was thought of by Crockett as one of the best cops he's known.

Home Invader Case

Malone and Crockett were reunited during the 1985 home invader case, when the Vice Division was brought in to help end the attacks. Crockett's current boss, Martin "Marty" Castillo feels the team is unprepared for the scope of this investigation, the pamphlet that Malone's "ramrod", Sgt. Hugh Heraty prepared, is lacking in a lot of key information, and Castillo makes this known at the initial meeting. Malone uncharacteristically continues to bumble this case, not arranging to seal off the area after another home invasion of an elderly couple when a cop was killed, has Forensics inundated with work, and Malone feels uncomfortable with Castillo's criticism. Crockett is also disappointed in his mentor's handling of the case too, and lets him know it. Malone redeems himself when he (along with Crockett, Castillo and Heraty) reviews questionnaires sent to each victim to find a common thread, which was all had their hair done at the same location, Hair Emporium. Crockett and Castillo kill all the invaders, but just prior to a get-together at a cafe, Malone announced his retirement from the force, feeling one sloppy case was too many, and to show his former student "when it was time to put your gun on the shelf". Castillo advised the Deputy Chief that no one was available with a comparable track record to replace Malone, testimony enough for Crockett.

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