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John Fujima


Special Agent, FBI
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Special Agent John Fujima was the agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Miami field office. He and his team of agents were spearheading an inter-departmental investigation into the Aryan Brotherhood outfit running drugs in the city when their informant, Alonzo Stevens, gave them up in the hopes of saving his wife, who had been kidnapped by the group; as a result, Fujima's team of agents were killed and his investigation was left floundering. He subsequently approached Crockett, Tubbs and Castillo, who initially discovered the breakdown of his case (Alonzo had been their informant before they'd turned him over to the FBI, and it was Crockett whom he had contacted to confess). He asked them for their help in restarting the case; he knew from Alonzo's information that there was another leak somewhere, and as Castillo's team had not been involved originally, he was confident of the integrity of his department. The investigation began with minimal interference from Fujima, who had no further contact with Castillo and his men until Crockett and Tubbs were already working undercover for the Aryan Brotherhood's employer, Arcángel de Jesús Montoya. At their next meeting Crockett told him, rather forcefully, that they wished to stay undercover in order to take down Montoya, and after an argument with Castillo, Fujima reluctantly agreed. However, Montoya ultimately eluded capture, although the Aryans who executed Fujima's men are all either killed or apprehended.