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John Costelada


Broker for stolen property
Incarcarated, dealing stolen property
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John C. Costelada was a broker in stolen property, directing who handled and where the property went, was ruthless in collection of his payments, and was a sun worshiper (sitting in the sun every chance he got). Previously Stan Switek and Larry Zito worked on bringing Costelada down, but got nowhere. When Costelada resurfaced in Miami, Switek and Zito tried to get to him through his distributor, "Bonzo" Barry Gold but had their cover blown when a woman working with Gold recognized the Vice cops from a previous bust. Gold made a deal with Noogie Lamont and Izzy Moreno for high-volume electronics, which Costelada agreed to, but was changed (because Switek and Zito pulled the informants' inventory by order of Castillo) to a cement truck which Noogman and Izzy stole from a construction site, but when Gold was told they were cops, Gold, Noogman and Izzy were all held by Costelada for screwing things up, but after Switek and Zito arrived on Costelada's boat, Noogman and Izzy had Costelada and Gold held at gunpoint, and they were arrested.