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John Archie


Miami Vice Characters
Tyler Duvalle ("Cool Runnin'")
Jacques ("The Afternoon Plane")
IAD Officer Walter Mills ("Vote of Confidence" and "Bad Timing")

John Archie appeared as Tyler Duvalle, a Haitian who was caught in a van stolen and abandoned by Desmond Maxwell in the episode "Cool Runnin'", as Jacques, a fisherman on St. Gerard who helped (with great reluctance and scorn from his friends) Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs fight Orlando Calderone in the episode "The Afternoon Plane", and as IAD Officer Walter Mills, who butted heads with James "Sonny" Crockett over the disappearance of candidate Tom Pierce in the episode "Vote of Confidence" and testified as to Crockett's mental state regarding his time as Sonny Burnett in the episode "Bad Timing" of the series Miami Vice.

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