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Joey Wyatt


Drug Dealer
Incarcerated, drug dealing and destruction of police property
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Joey Wyatt was a drug dealer and trafficker, once arranging to bring in 100 kilos of cocaine before the load was dumped into the ocean before the police could confiscate it. Wyatt had been under surveillance for several months by Metro-Dade Vice, finally being arrested for possession and distribution and held without bond. However one of Wyatt's co-horts, Rudy Ramos, arranged for the building that the evidence implicating Wyatt was being held in to be blown up, by getting the address from Dr. Theresa Lyons, who was Detective James "Sonny" Crockett's girlfriend, in exchange for drugs. Wyatt then paid another goon, Arzola, to drive a van loaded with explosives to the building and detonate it remotely, killing three cops and destroying all evidence of Wyatt's crimes as well as eight other cases. Crockett was suspended (because his case file containing the address was found at the scene) and offered to get Wyatt again by using a surveillance tape with damning evidence in exchange for money (since Crockett was now considered "dirty"). Wyatt took the bait, admitting to paying Arzola to blow up the evidence warehouse, and demeaning Crockett for being a cop that he paid "to clean up after his dogs". After the police moved in to arrest Wyatt, Crockett snapped and savagely beat Wyatt until Switek could pull him off.