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Joey Bramlette


Low-level drug smuggler
Former employee of Enrique Ruiz
Played By

Joey Bramlette (born 1952) was a low-level drug smuggler who formerly worked for Enrique Ruiz in the Everglades. When he was arrested by Metro-Dade for his criminal activities, he made a deal to testify against Ruiz over the murder of an undercover police officer in the Everglades.

Ruiz subsequently had Bramlette's daughter Tammy kidnapped in an effort to stop him testifying. However, Crockett and Tubbs helped to rescue Tammy and ensured that Bramlette delivered his testimony at Ruiz' trial.


Bramlette worked as a smuggler for Enrique Ruiz in the Everglades, one of many local men who helped the dealer bring in his product. When he was arrested (presumably on drugs charges), he struck a deal with Crockett and Tubbs to testify against Ruiz in the murder of an undercover cop. To keep him safe from Ruiz' men, Bramlette was placed into protective custody, watched over by the Vice squad. However, when he received a note from Ruiz' people informing him that they had captured his daughter and would kill her if he appeared in court, Bramlette slipped out of custody and headed back to the Everglades, hoping to save her.

Once back in Okeechobee Springs, Bramlette met up with his wife Cassie and several friends whom he could trust to plan a rescue attempt, and await the arrival of Crockett and Tubbs, who Bramlette knew would follow him from Miami. Sure enough, the Vice cops found their way to their safehouse in the residence of Pa Ryan, and together the group came up with a plan to rescue Tammy from the men holding her.

Bramlette helped Crockett assault the house where Billy Joe Higgins was holding Tammy prisoner. While Bramlette and the others took care of the Colombian guards outside the house, Crockett was able to sneak in and rescue Tammy. With his daughter now safe, Bramlette rushed back to Miami with Crockett and Tubbs, just barely arriving in time to testify in front of an enraged Ruiz.