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Jimmy Hagovitch


Broward County Detective
Deceased, shot dead by Sonny Burnett in 1988
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James "Jimmy" Hagovitch was a detective in the Broward County Police Department, as well as a secret leak to the Miguel Manolo drug cartel, supplying them with information on ongoing operations, preventing Broward from busting him. In 1988, Hagovitch discovered that a recent employee to Manolo's cartel, enforcer Sonny Burnett was in reality James "Sonny" Crockett, a Metro-Dade Detective, though he doesn't know why Crockett/Burnett was doing what he was, as it was outside normal police practices. Hagovitch also blew Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs's cover, forcing Burnett to prove himself by attempting to kill Tubbs, his partner. Hagovitch then arranged to meet with Burnett, but Burnett shot Hagovitch to death and fled in a boat after Hagovitch drew his gun on who he thought was Crockett.


  • In several episodes of season 5 -- namely "Hostile Takeover", "Heart of Night" and "Bad Timing" -- Castillo and others repeatedly refer to Hagovitch as James Yagovitch, possibly due to a script error when his name wasn't carried over from the season 4 finale "Mirror Image". The fact the same inconsistency occurs so many in times in so many episodes implies it may have been a deliberate change, but the reasons for this are not known.