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Jimmy Cole


Retired after being wounded defending James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
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Jimmy Cole (born 1948) is a smuggler located in Miami, who loves to play his guitar in his hangar when he's not flying to "points south". When Crockett & Tubbs need a pilot for a non-sanctioned DEA mission to Cartagena, he agrees to fly them there for $25000 (upfront) so they can buy $1 million of cocaine, and he tells them "I'm not John Wayne and I don't wear an "S" on my chest, I'm with you cats if the play calls for it but I hate violence". Jimmy, like Crockett, is a Vietnam Vet, serving in the Air Cav, and laments losing so many friends, and helps Crockett get out of a street bandit trap, but Tubbs is arrested and despite Jimmy's pleas to leave, Crockett stays until Tubbs is released. After the deal with Grocero is finished, Jimmy waits at the runway for them, but Grocero's men make an attempt to stop them by blocking their exit, but Crockett & Tubbs use a cover of gunfire (and Crockett ramming their cars together) to escape. When Jimmy & the Vice cops return, his mechanic Wavey Davey is revealed to be part of the smugglers' extortion plot, that he kidnapped Trudy Joplin and will release her for $500,000. This angered Jimmy, who came back to defend Crockett & Tubbs, during the ensuing gun battle Jimmy was wounded, but survived, he spent three months in the hospital recovering and retired from smuggling, but before doing so, he told fellow smuggler Jackson Crane all about "Burnett and Cooper".