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Jimmy "Jimbo" Walters


Bartender/Front Desk Clerk, Conch Bay Lodge
Played By

Jimmy "Jimbo" Walters (born 1955) was the bartender at the Conch Bay Lodge on St. Andrews Island, in The Bahamas.


Jimbo arrived on St. Andrews Island during Spring Break in 1977, but missed his return flight after "getting into some Caribbean Grass". Evidently liking island life very much, he never returned to the United States and took up employment as bartender/check-in clerk at The Conch Bay Lodge. Jimbo was also a part-time writer with a good knowledge of Hemingway, and loved to party, especially during the annual Junkanoo festival.

When Crockett and Tubbs arrived on the island in pursuit of Esteban Calderone, Jimbo was quick to make friends and openly offered them a varied menu of vices, including Jamaican ganja and other items (totally unaware they were undercover police officers). He later delivered Calderone's message to Crockett and arranged some masks for the two Vice cops so that they could attend the Junkanoo masquerade beach party.