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Captain, Costa Morada Army
Aide-de-camp of General Manuel Borbon
Deceased, killed by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
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Jimindez was a captain in the Costa Morada Army, and the aide-de-camp of General Manuel Borbon, military leader of the country. In 1989 the Drug Enforcement Task Force covertly planned to get Borbon out of the country, and coordinated with Jimindez and a group of rebels to allow Metro-Dade Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs to do the actual removal. Jimindez was also working for Borbon's cartel friend Caesar Montoya in secret, and planned to kill Borbon, Crockett, and Tubbs to prevent the General from leaving Costa Morada. However, Borbon's daughter, Bianca (who had a relationship with Jimindez), overheard Jimindez's plans and was going to tell her father, but was prevented by the captain. Later, during the evacuation of Borbon, Jimindez's plan was exposed, and Tubbs shot him dead to prevent the killing from being carried out.