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Jerry Carrow


Barbara Carrow (wife, deceased)
Incarcerated for killing of Vincent DeMarco
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Jerry Carrow (born 1942) was the husband of Barbara Carrow.

When his wife was killed for failing to repay her debts to the Lombard organization, Jerry set out to take revenge on the man he held responsible, Vincent DeMarco, eventually shooting him dead and going to prison for his crime.


Despite his wife Barbara suffering from a gambling addiction that wrecked the family's finances, Jerry stayed true to her -- even refusing her multiple requests for divorce -- for the sake of their children. Jerry hoped that they could work through her problems together.

However, Barbara's addiction got her into debt with loan shark Vincent DeMarco, who confiscated Jerry's work tools when his wife was unable to pay what she owed -- thereby leaving him unable to earn any income for his family. Eventually, DeMarco had Jerry's wife killed for failing to repay what she owed, leading Jerry to swear vengeance against the loan shark. He eventually caught up to him on his boss Al Lombard's yacht, bursting in and shooting him dead, in the process destroying an ongoing OCB investigation into Lombard's organization; Jerry was duly taken in by Crockett and Tubbs.

Following Jerry's arrest, Crockett felt due to his situation he may have received some leniency, but Jerry is assumed to have been arrested and sent to jail for killing DeMarco.