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Jerome Horowitz


"Agent" for Kevin Mulhern
Deceased, died after falling from upper level in office down to aquarium on floor
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Jerome Horowitz was an "agent" working with football star Kevin Mulhern on plans to snag a big professional football contract, but he also worked with mobster Marvin Goodman behind the scenes to set up Kevin by catering to his gambling addiction, taking him to casinos and giving him credit to the point he ran up a $200,000 gambling debt, with no means to pay it. Horowitz would not help Mulhern against Goodman's muscle that were after Kevin for his debts, and knew that Goodman had kidnapped his father, Mac Mulhern, to ensure Kevin threw a playoff game to make up for his outstanding debt. Mulhern's friend, Metro-Dade Detective Stan Switek listened (without a warrant) that Horowitz and Goodman were working together, and Switek confronted Horowitz about this info and demanded to know where Goodman had Mac stashed. Horowitz revealed the location, then tried to kill Switek and in the struggle, Horowitz fell off an upper level at his office and landed in an aquarium, killing himself.