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Jeffrey Whitehead


NYPD Detective
Incarcerated, Conspiracy to commit grand theft
Murder of Joey Scianti
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Detective Jeffrey Whitehead was an officer with the City of New York Police Department, specializing in art crimes. He has been on the trail of a triptych called The Madonna of the Spirits, stolen in 1982 by drug lord Albert Scianti and has turned up in Miami in 1989, in possession of Scianti's son Joey, his nephew Sal Castelli, and Stanley Costa. During a drug deal gone bad, Costa ended up dead, two of the three Madonna paintings ended up with Metro-Dade police, and the third (and main one) is still with Scianti and Castelli. Whitehead is very well versed in all art forms, and arranges to sell a duplicate of Kostabi painting to get inside with Castelli and have a crack at getting the Madonna, and Whitehead arranges for a deal involving a large amount of drugs in exchange for the Madonna, but Whitehead had planned to steal the entire painting, and during the deal, he knocks Scianti out and takes the Madonna in his car (then made a fake "officer down" call to get the police out of the way), with a recovered Scianti in pursuit. Whitehead escaped to the cruiseport,disguises himself as a Jamaican to escape, but is found first by Scianti (who Whitehead shoots dead), then by the police, who arrest him and in the process, the Madonna is busted (or so they thought, as the Madonna Whitehead had was a fake, Joey's sister Julia Scianti had the real one).