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Jeffrey McAllister


Member of Chicago-based "Bandits" gang
Recovering from gunshot wound from James "Sonny" Crockett
Episode Appeared In

Jeffrey McAllister (born 1974) was, in reality, Gordon Cavis, a.k.a. "Crossbones", a runaway from Wisconsin who became a member of the "Bandits" gang based in Chicago. The gang specializes in using children to commit the more violent/vicious crimes (such as murder, which is the "rite of passage") because children so young evade normal criminal penalties, such as prison or Death Row. Cavis was working with gun runner Walker Monroe and Annette McAllister, Walker's girlfriend, to bring guns in through an intermediary, Holiday, when Walker turned violent on Annette, in the next room a stake-out with Metro-Dade Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs was ongoing, when Annette's screams got loud, Crockett went to investigate, and found Monroe holding a knife to Annette's throat. When Crockett ordered Monroe to disarm, Cavis was in the next room holding a gun. When Crockett saw the gun, he instinctively opened fire, badly wounding Cavis, who was identified by Walker as Jeffrey McAllister, Annette's son. Cavis/McAllister immediately was taken into ICU, while the Overtown community where the shooting occurred began calling for Crockett's head. Crockett was so distraught over the shooting he volunteered to pay for all of "Jeffrey's" medical bills, but his checks were returned uncashed, because Annette was paying "Jeffrey's" expenses in cash, which began the unraveling of the mystery surrounding "Jeffrey". Annette told Crockett that Monroe made up the "Jeffrey McAllister" name for Cavis to deflect attention from them and that she actually feared for her life on the day Crockett intervened. Crockett visited the hospital every day, including after Monroe's death, talking to "Jeffrey", and finally Cavis/Jeffrey heard Crockett enough to hold his hand, hopefully ending his life of gangs and crime.