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Jean Faber


French-Canadian Drug Dealer
Incarcarated, drug dealing/distributing
Accessory to Murder in 1986
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Jean Faber was a French-Canadian dealer in drugs, running a large operation based in Miami. Faber has a little girl (only called Princess) and runs a horse stable as a cover. In 1986 A.D.A. Richard Langley and the DEA were working together to bring pressure against Faber's operation, due to this Faber ordered his hired gun, Philippe Sagot, to kill Langley, which he did at the A.D.A.'s daughter's wedding, taking two teen-aged sisters (who were bridesmaids) with him. Faber had the attorney Laurence Thurmond in his back pocket, using his money and influence to help with Thurmond's firm. Faber ordered Thurmond to get Sagot out of jail (having been arrested on an unrelated possession charge) but Thurmond wanted out of the operation. Later Faber wanted Thurmond "taken care of", but Thurmond instead took his plane into a suicide dive and was presumed dead (but was actually in Bimini), but before he left Thurmond left with the mechanic Tommy a folder containing all information on the Faber operation, including signed affidavits, documents, and other evidence, and they arrest Faber on accessory to murder and drug charges.