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Jan Larken


Deceased, killed by Isabel Batista's goons
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Jan Larken was a prostitute who was a free-lancer until she began working for Isabel Batista. In 1986 Larken and jai-alai player Tico Arriola were having a get-together when Larken began insulting Tico, calling him "Mrs. Jai-Alai, saying he like boys and implied he wasn't up to the challenge, after which Tico began choking her until she "dies", long enough for Tico to think he killed her, as this was a plan between Batista and the drug dealer Morales to frame Tico and blackmail Tico's brother, customs agent Frank Arriola by forcing him to provide Morales and Batista with the customs codes, or else they take the videotapes and photographs of the "murder" to the police. Batista told Larken she would be "well taken care of"--by sending her heavies to legitimately kill her.