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Jake Pierson


Retired Texas Ranger
May 30, 1920, El Paso, Texas
November 7, 1986, Miami, Florida (killed in gunfight with Mendez's men)
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Jake Pierson was a Texas Ranger, one of the elite group of law enforcement agents in the Lone Star State. Back in his youth, Pierson along with his partner, Roy Wilson, enforced the law in Texas, taking on the Rujeros Gang with only the two of them and their six-shooters. Wilson was killed in the shootout, and Pierson swore to look after his family, which included a son, Vince. Pierson moved to Miami in 1976 and came out of seclusion when Vince was killed by a drug dealer named Mendez while undercover for the DEA, working out of San Antonio. Two months later, Pierson encountered Mendez while he was making a deal with Vice cops James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, during the deal Mendez's men dropped his snakeskin briefcase containing two kilos of cocaine, which Pierson picked up and demanded a finder's fee to return it. Crockett and Tubbs work with Pierson because they need the briefcase returned to continue their deal. Pierson also has heart troubles, revealed by his container of nitroglycerin he carries at all times. He moved into the Excelsior Hotel after living in the down-trodden South Beach Royal Hotel, eating cat food, but pawning his 1936 sixshooter to get money for the more luxurious hotel. After Crockett found out about Pierson's true identity, and figured out why he was there (to get revenge on the dealer responsible for Vince's death), he followed Pierson to the cemetery where Wilson was buried and had a shootout with Mendez' men. All of Mendez men were killed or arrested, but Pierson was mortally wounded during the fight, and revealed to Crockett he knew he was a cop all along before Pierson dies.