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Jake Manning


Deceased, shot dead by Metro-Dade police
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Jake Manning was a serial killer, convicted of two murders with several others tied to him but never proven, busted by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs and sent to prison, where he met a former boxer, "Battlin'" Barry Gay, and became his personal assistant. During his time in prison, Manning wrote a book about his experience, The Cell Within, which would be turned into a film by Robert Phelps, who worked behind the scenes to get Manning paroled to get his film made. After his release in 1989, Manning reunited with Tubbs (to whom he swore revenge if he ever got out), convinced Tubbs he had changed and thanked the Vice detective for getting him in jail so he could "see the light". Manning later invited Tubbs to a dinner party at his place, which immediately raises the awareness of OCB, who cautions Tubbs about attending alone, but Tubbs agrees to attend, armed. Once Tubbs arrived, he quickly realizes Manning has not changed; his feelings of sadism and absolutism (especially when it comes to crime and punishment) are prevalent, and Tubbs then tries to leave, but is tranquilized by Gay and taken to a cell--an exact duplicate of the cell he was in. Manning had also brought to his prison Mason Jackson, a former prisoner and adversary of Tubbs, Anna, a prostitute who propositioned Manning, Eddie, a drug dealer, and Rhoda King, Manning's prison psychiatrist whom he kidnapped. Manning's diabolical plan was to show Tubbs the true meaning of crime and punishment (and to give the cop a taste of what he went through in prison). Manning would later kill Jackson in his own electric chair, Anna for propositioning him again, Eddie for trying to escape, and planned to kill Rhoda next, but Tubbs managed to rig the electric chair and when Gay threw the switch to kill Rhoda, Gay was the one electrocuted, and Manning ran off, only to be confronted by a phalanx of Metro-Dade police (led there by following Phelps), who shot Manning when the ex-con refused to drop his weapon. Manning dies in Tubbs' arms, but not before telling his adversary "I've never been free, Rico..."