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Fiance of Lani Mueller
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Jackson Crane is a smuggler, flying his plane to bring in drugs and other items. He knew another pilot, Jimmy Cole, who ran the hangar one year ago when Sonny Burnett and Rico Cooper came calling to run drugs from Cartagena to Miami as part of a DEA operation, after they returned Jimmy was wounded in a gunfight, he spent three months in the hospital recovering and retired from smuggling. Jimmy told Jackson about "Burnett and Cooper" and warned him about doing business with them.

In 1986, Jackson was picking up a load of drugs from a boat owned by the dealer Moralez to take to T. R. "Jumbo" Collins, but was intercepted by the "pirates", led by Skip Mueller so Jackson took the SONAR equipment. Later, when Crockett and Tubbs return as "Burnett and Cooper", Jackson reluctantly (because he has a fiancee, Lani Mueller, and is wanting to retire from smuggling) agrees to a deal where he would arrange with the "pirates" to provide boats to transport arms from Miami to Central America. Jackson knows the pirates will kill Burnett and Cooper, and tries to back out of the deal, but Lani forces all of them at gunpoint to head to the Mueller home, where Jackson killed Skip with a flare gun and prevented Lani from killing Crockett and Tubbs. Jackson was disgusted with "trust fund babies" (Lani) and helping cops, but Crockett promises to wipe his slate clean if Jackson wants so he can get out of the business. Jackson said he would get back to him...


  • The character of Jackson Crane was not originally supposed to exist; "Trust Fund Pirates" was to be a sequel to "Smuggler's Blues" and was to feature Glenn Frey's character Jimmy Cole. However, when Frey was unavailable for filming the script was changed to feature a smuggler friend of his.