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Jackie McSeidan


S&M Performer
Prostitute/Crayon Killer
June 24, 1967 - January 31, 1986 (age 18)
Deceased, committed suicide at the Safe House
Episode Appeared In
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Jackie McSeidan (June 24, 1967 - January 31, 1986) was a worker at the S&M palace called Sex World. Jackie had been in an orphanage since age 6, and in and out of foster homes most of her life, even taken advantage of by some of the families, then discarded after awhile, so in 1985 she ran away and went to Miami, where she began prostituting and working at a S&M club, Sex World, where she met her boyfriend, Cat, who worked there and became her partner on and off the stage. Cat genuinely loved Jackie, but she couldn't return her love in the same way, instead continuing to prostitute, though her johns all paid for Jackie's past treatment—she was the "crayon killer"—killing her johns, setting their clothes on fire, and leaving ominous crayon drawings behind. In 1986 she killed two such johns when Vice detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs took an interest in her during a police sweep, seeing so many destitute teenagers in New York with no hope of getting out, he worked to get her into halfway houses and see about assistance. Jackie instead took a romantic interest in Tubbs, to the point of leaving Cat and moving into the safe house. Cat was angry Tubbs "stole his girl" and he and James "Sonny" Crockett began looking for her. Tubbs, trying to be a mentor and friend to Jackie, instead roused anger in the teenager, who wanted Tubbs for more than platonic reasons, and when he refused her advances, Jackie drugged his drink, disconnected the safe house phone, handcuffed Tubbs to the bed, and stripped naked in front of him, proclaiming her love for Tubbs, then took Tubbs' revolver and killed herself despite Tubbs' desperate pleas to stop.