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Jack Slade


FBI Agent
Incarcerated, Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy in Cuban Deputy Prisons Commissioner Incident
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Agent Jack Slade was an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, previously working undercover during the Cuban Bay of Pigs operation in 1961. He and Cuban revolutionary Victor Vasquez worked closely in their plan to raid Fidel Castro's palace and chase him from power, but at a crucial moment Slade failed to bring in support for Vasquez's operation resulting in its failure and loss of life. Vasquez filed a complaint and tried to have Slade fired, but no action was taken. Slade then began working with La Segunda Brigada, a Cuban commando force led by Paco Zamora who continued the anti-Castro battles in the U.S. by attacking representatives of Castro's government who visit the country. Slade used his federal position to run interference on anyone who tried to stop them, even Metro-Dade Vice when one of their own is killed by Zamora trying to complete a drug deal with Armando Rojas. Slade then prevented the use of buy money for Zamora, forcing the department to use Rojas' unimpounded buy money, a serious breach of procedure. Slade's role was eventually exposed by Vice. He was arrested for interfering with Vice's operations and conspiring with Zamora on the attempted hit of the Cuban Deputy Prison director by the commandos.