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Jack Rivers


Accountant of mobster Frank Mosca
Confidential informant to James "Sonny" Crockett
Father of Terry Rivers
Deceased, stabbed to death at Dade County Jail by an unnamed prison guard and inmate paid by Mosca
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Jack Rivers was Frank Mosca's personal accountant. All monies transacted by Mosca for loan sharking, protection, etc., went through Rivers, and he kept detailed records of the transactions, including personal diaries, spreadsheets, ledgers, etc. for his use. But Rivers began to regret his career choice, and after being busted by Detective James "Sonny" Crockett, Rivers agreed to turn State's evidence against Mosca, but he refused to enter the Witness Protection Program because of his son Terry's burgeoning football career, and he wanted Terry to have every opportunity to make something of himself so he did not fall into the same crowd as Rivers did. Mosca found out about Rivers through a corrupt ex-cop while in jail, and he arranged to have Rivers "arrested" on a bogus drug charge and brought into Metro-Dade County Jail, where Crockett was serving a contempt of court charge for not disclosing Rivers' name in open court. Crockett's partner Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs and US Attorney Alice Carson realized Rivers' incarceration was a setup to kill him and quickly got a release order from the presiding judge, Delaporte, but arrived too late, as Rivers was stabbed to death by a Mosca-paid prison guard and inmate. After Rivers' death, Terry gave to Crockett all of his father's Mosca-related papers to use against the mobster.